The global lift industry is anticipating 2022!

The Turkish lift industry raised its 2020 exports to $ 250 million – an increase of $ 20.5 million over the previous year. Operating in the main branches of component production, elevator design, assembly and elevator maintenance and repair, the sector gained momentum at International Asansör Istanbul in 2019, which hosted 28,868 professional visitors, most direct purchasers, from 96 countries. The Turkish elevator sector, with a current account surplus of $134 million, made its most sales in 2020, with Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Ukraine represented most prominently at Asansör Istanbul 2019.

The six hundred thousand elevators in Turkey provide vertical transportation for millions of people every day. With an average market ranging from $1-1.5 billion, in 2019, exports of the Turkish elevator industry reached $ 229,460,456 dollars, with imports amounting to $98,641,656. In 2020, the sector closed the year with total exports of $249,978,981 dollars and imports of $116,078,004 dollars.

Noting that Turkey has attained an important position in the reshaped global supply chain, Tarsus Türkiye Events Director Seda Bozkurt stated: “As they do across many industrial branches, Turkey’s domestic companies also demonstrate a constantly rising trend in the production of elevator parts. Moreover, this growth takes place in line with the industry’s Fair. According to current data, the countries making the most purchases from Turkey are also those most prominently represented at the Fair. Our domestic producers – who succeeded in increasing their exports by about 10 percent compared to the previous year – are prepared to meet the global-scale purchase demand, postponed this year due to the pandemic, at 17th International Asansör Istanbul at March, 2022.   

International Asansör Istanbul offers unique trade opportunities to exhibitors at the global elevator industry’s first face-to-face trade meeting in 2022. At the Fair, which is expected to host millions of dollars of trade deals, all components across categories including residential and commercial building elevators, hospital elevators, domestic elevators and personal carriers, auto elevators, freight and service elevators, accessible elevators, and escalators and moving walkways will be exhibited together with the sector’s latest products, machinery, materials, equipment and technologies. The Fair will also feature solutions designed for pandemic safety, from elevators with contactless call systems to innovative designs that prevent bacteria and germ growth, and from self-cleaning cabins to elevators utilizing hologram technologies.