The 2022 edition of Asansör Istanbul will now have 8 halls!

Asansör Istanbul, one of the world’s largest three fairs for the sector, has grown by 20 percent on a gross square meter basis.

The 17th International Asansör Istanbul, held by Tarsus Türkiye with the support of AYSAD (Association of Lift and Escalator Manufacturers) on March 10-13, 2022, has grown by 20 percent on a gross square meter basis. Seda Bozkurt, Tarsus Türkiye Fair Director, says that Asansör Istanbul, which last took place in six halls on a gross area of 50,000 square meters, has been extended to 60,000 square meters and eight halls. She added that “just a year out from the Fair, we’ve already reached 80 percent of occupancy”.

Bringing together Turkey’s leading companies and global brands in the lift and escalator industry at Tüyap Beylikdüzü every two years, Asansör Istanbul will open in eight halls in 2022, adding two halls to the previous event’s six. Seda Bozkurt, Tarsus Türkiye Fair Director, noted that the expansion demonstrates the high trust of the global industry in this Fair. She said, “For the 17th meeting in March 2022, companies had already begun reserving their spaces before the end of the previous fairby enlarging their existing square metersfor the next event.

Asansör Istanbul will open in eight halls in 2022, including the two additional halls. Two factors are primarily responsible for the expansion: for one, companies attending the Asansör Istanbul Fair in past years have now reserved even larger areas for the 17th edition. Second, intense interest requires added space; new exhibitors seek to open new markets by attending International Asansör Istanbul. Asansör Istanbul’s proven effectiveness as an internationally profitable trading platform for its exhibitors is compelling, along with offering exhibitors the ability to access new export channels, to come together with buyers directly, and to lead the way to new collaborations. Domestic and foreign industry companies are attracted to List Istanbul; many of these companies start to export with the Fair and expand their existing export channels.

As an international fair that exceeds expectations for both exhibitors and visitors, Asansör Istanbul leverages years of sectoral knowledge and expertise by the Tarsus Türkiye management and team. The Asansör Istanbul team has completed 16 successful fairs, and holds comprehensive knowledge of the industry. In addition, Asansör Istanbul is embodied within the structure of the highly knowledgeable Tarsus Group which has achieved hundreds of fair organizations all over the world, offering positive contributions to both the organization and visitors.

Asansör Istanbul creates a great advantage for exhibitors in the country and brings together thousands of qualified purchasers from abroad. Exhibitors can open export channels with many countries – staying within budget without having to attend fairs abroad. More than 5,780 foreign visitors from all over the world attended the 2019 Asansör Istanbul, at which approximately one out of four visitors were of foreign origin, The Fair drew significant attention particularly from countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Russia, Ukraine and Morocco.

Asansör Istanbulcreates numerous benefits for foreign exhibitors due to Turkey’s central geographical and commercial placement. A total of 30,000 professional buyers and thousands of visitors - especially from the Middle East, North Africa, the Balkans, and the Turkic Republics - are expected to arrive at Asansör Istanbul 2022 to take advantage of trade opportunities.

No sector company wants to miss an opportunity to be on this internationally important commercial platform, which takes place every two years. Two more new halls have been added to the 2022 Fair, due to both new incoming participation requests and the needs of exhibitors for larger areas in which to showcase their expanding product ranges.

400 companies from 30 countries have attended!

All components, and the latest products, machinery, materials, equipment and technologies will debut, in categories ranging from residential and commercial building lifts to hospital lifts, from indoor lifts and private conveyors to auto lifts, from load lifts and service elevators to lifts for disabled people, to escalators and moving walkways at Asansör Istanbul 2022, which will bring nearly 400 exhibitors from 30 countries together with 30,000 professional visitors from around the world.

International Asansör Istanbul 2022, which will take place in the 2nd -3rd -4th -5th -6th -7th -8th and 9th halls at Tüyap Beyikdüzü Fair and Congress Centre.