Önder Lift Çelik exhibits a sizeable range of its portfolio!

Önder Lift Çelik, which produces scissor load platforms, disabled platforms, vehicle lifting platforms, parking systems, load-lifting machines and personnel lifts, will exhibit at booth B-20 in Hall 9 at Asansör Istanbul 2022. The Company; offering products with a lifting capacity from 200 kg to 250 tons in the load platform group, creates the most suitable solutions for a wide range of needs.

Önder Lift Çelik’s Scissor Load Platform provides multiple ergonomic and safe lifting solutions. Its intended use is for pallet transport between floors or material lifting at a certain height. It can be manufactured for a lifting capacity of up to 200 tons, depending on the area of ​​use and dimensions.

Disabled Platforms are generally the most suitable hydraulic solution for public buildings and private properties, as well as schools, hospitals and other application fields where disabled people do not use stairs. Disabled platforms are an aesthetic, ergonomic product, and manufactured in accordance with current technology.

Scissor Vehicle Lift Platforms are used to ensure the safe passage of vehicles between floors. The platforms are generally used in apartments, showrooms, workplaces and other structures with limited parking areas. They can be manufactured for a lifting capacity of up to 100 tons, depending on usage, size, and design.

For car parks, solutions are offered for more than one vehicle in a single space. Vehicles are parked vertically through the loading solutions with columns.

It is the ideal solution for safe and ergonomic material transfer between floors, with a load lifter featuring multiple stops, a maximum travel distance of 24 meters and a maximum load of 20 tons. It also offers maximum security across all solutions with 360-degree protection and secure landing doors.

These solutions enable personnel to reach upper locations for work carried out at height.  Machines with alternative features that reach from 2 to 21 meters are also manufactured. There are also specific productions tailored to working frequency, with self-propelled and trailable models.