Erkan Mimarlık takes its place at Asansör Istanbul 2022!

Erkan Mimarlık manufactures a range of durable, stylish products – including lift cabins, doors, ceiling claddings and steel pipes with decorative stainless-steel materials. The Company welcomes visitors at booth D-50 in Hall 3, at Asansör Istanbul 2022.

Involved in the construction sector for 40 years, Erkan Mimarlık made the necessary investments to implement import, export and sales practices with its stainless-steel brand in 1998, and has taken its place among the leading companies specializing in the stainless-steel door industry.

Since 2001, DECODOOR has been supplying stainless steel doors in a wide range of colours and patterns to the construction industry. DECODOOR stainless steel doors are manufactured with DECOSTEEL-brand stainless steel, put on the market by Erkan Mimarlık, and individually specified for each project.

DECOSTEEL stainless steel lift cabins and buttons are successfully applied across all interior and exterior architectural projects – the kitchen industry, hotel equipment, textiles and accessories, lighting and transportation. Tailored specifically to the individual or institutional project, the Company offers an original, unlimited and flexible design environment for architects.

Erkan Mimarlık expanded its product range in 2008 as the Turkish representative for RIMEX, UK's world-famous decorative stainless-steel brand. Rimex stainless steel, a well-known brand in Europe and America, is becoming equally renowned in the Turkish construction industry.

DECOCEILING stainless-steel suspended ceilings, which started to be manufactured in 2011, have delivered important innovations to the suspended ceiling industry with custom-tailored sizes, patterns, and colours.

The DECOTILE brand, which started to be manufactured in the same year, is highly suitable for pillar coating and lift cabins, featuring a range of colours.

DECOMESH stainless steel mesh joined the other brands under the Erkan Mimarlık roof in 2014 and has become the solution partner of architects in many important projects at home and abroad.

Decorative mesh products, also known as architectural wire netting products, are manufactured from high-quality stainless-steel materials. These versatile products are used as wall and pillar coverings, balustrades, separators, shades, soffit coverings, passageways and lift cabins.

Metal meshes offer a thoroughly modern approach to decoration, featuring a flexible and transparent appearance that softens stainless-steel; translucent from behind, and solid and bright from the front.  These meshes generate exciting solutions and creative diversity with their unique texture and durability, multi-directional use and colour range.