Can-Lift preparing for Asansör Istanbul 2021!

Can-Lift preparing for Asansör Istanbul 2021!

Can-Lift will take its place in Hall 3, at stand C-42, noting that Asansör Istanbul, among the most important international fairs for its sector, is one of the best platforms for promoting its products and services. Standing out with its innovations, Can-Lift will present distinctive safety components that include the bidirectional lift overspeed governor and the newly introduced bidirectional and unidirectional sliding brake assembly.

General Features of Products:

Superior quality and technical specifications, 2 years warranty,

Utility Model Certificate, Patent Certificate,

TSEK Certificate, CE Certificate, (in accordance with EN81-1 / 2: 1998, EN81-20: 2014, EN81-50: 2014 standards)

CL-08 Bidirectional Elevator Overspeed Regulator Technical Specifications

Product Type:

Without BobbinA3 compatible (UCM - involuntary sliding movement)

Remote controlled (for wells without machine room "MRL")

A3 compatible and Remote controlled

Pulley Diameter: Ø 200 mm / Travel Speed Range: 0.20 m / s - 1.60 m / s

Pulley Diameter: Ø 250 mm / Travel Speed Range: 0.50 m / s - 2.00 m / s

Pulley Diameter: Ø 300 mm / Travel Speed Range: 0.80 m / s - 2.50 m / s

Voltage: 24 VDC, 190 VDC

Stretching: Spring Loaded, Weighted

Rope Diameter: 6 mm - 8 mm

CL-SG Double and One Way Slip Brake Assembly Technical Specifications

Maximum speed: 2.5 m / s

Maximum P + Q: 3,400 kg

Rail thickness: 9 - 16 mm