Asansör Istanbul

Yener Elevator

Company, founded under the name of ÖVÜNÇ MÜHENDİSLİK in 1989, made a fast entrance into the elevator sector with the production of controller boards of high quality, and became one of the main controller board suppliers of the market in a short period of time. In 1997 starting as a new company under the name of YENER ASANSÖR, it began the production of doors, cars and frames, and the supply of all elevator components from A to Z to Turkish elevator market by combining its sector-specific experience and broad customer portfolio. After one of the leaders of the sector, MAC PUARSA’s proposal in 1999 for setting up a joint venture , the company went on operating in the field with the name MACPUARSA İSTANBUL ASANSÖR MAKİNELERİ, which has a Turkish-Spanish capital, and improved the sense of quality with the help of its perception of supply and production of world standards. With the termination of the official partnership with MAC PUARSA in 2002, gathered all of its operations under the same roof: a Turkish-capitalized company MP YENER ÖVÜNÇ ASANSÖR. MP YENER ÖVÜNÇ ASANSÖR, which has enhanced its production technology and capacity with the present technological advances, still serves successfully in the elevator sector with its deep technical know-how, years of experience and quality-oriented production, and continues to expand every single day. It also aims to gradually become better, thus working accordingly with great excitement and effort. MP YENER ÖVÜNÇ ASANSÖR today serves the industry turnkey project solutions. So respond to the power of supplying all kinds of elevator and escalators. Semi-automatic and automatic doors, cabins, suspension, panels controllers is being produced. Expanding product range, with co-operation partners like one of the leading companies as Macpuarsa -Spain to international level. Some of these products are Macpuarsa hydraulic units, escalators and machines. So as a local firm offers the complete service which is common in abroad today , and carried to our country by global companies, with a wide product range. MP YENER ÖVÜNÇ ASANSÖR providing Turkey service of escalator supply. Company also owns nice references. The reason entering on the scene at the end of a long research purposes, is to assist users with suitable options and making the entrance of elevator assembly companies to this field easy. Company can meet all needs of its customers. They think on behalf of customers and make workloads lighter. Project process from drawing stage to the final is managed with customers. Consulting his customers in all fields and thinks that it’s an investment for the future In addition, in a new factory, with the growing capacity makes fast and custom manufacturing. With sharing all these information with his customers, achieving to save a certain level of quality. GOST, ISO and TSE certificates, production line and over 20 years experienced staff, is playing the lead role with this success. As it is well known in the market, entry in the industry was from a high point with Macpuarsa production, and high standards of Europe , despite all the difficulties the company is keeping quality on upper levels and will go on to hold high. Yener Elevator