Asansör Istanbul

Wittur will showcase their latest products and technologies at Asansör Istanbul 2017

Wittur is the supplier of choice of components, modules and solutions for the world’s elevator industry. Their mission is to deliver value to their global and local partners through innovative product development, flexible engineering, wide product range, manufacturing excellence and complete customer support. By keeping close to their customers they know exactly what challenges they have. As a result, thay can provide solutions and services perfectly tailored to their needs. From commodity installations to big and complex projects, they can support their customers with their consulting expertise, outstanding production capacity and timely supply chain management. Their experience covers every field of application: elevators in skyscrapers, residential and civil buildings, shopping malls, public buildings, ships, modernizations and unconventional projects. Wittur is Safety in motion! All around the world, they are committed to safety and continuous improvement by sharing knowledge, manufacturing processes and best practices across their global organization.

On April 1st, Wittur announced that it had successfully completed the closing of its acquisition of the Sematic Group, a leading supplier of elevators and elevator components headquartered in Osio Sotto, Italy. After few months, the integration processes are proceeding at full speed ahead and the new combined company is taking shape, by bringing together:

Wittur emphasize that Asansör Istanbul represents a unique opportunity for them to build and maintain their market positions in Turkey and the Middle East, Asian Region. In the past editions, their stand had always been really busy and they had been impressed with the quality of visitors, especially the increase in international guests. Having participated at Asansör İstanbul ever since, they continue to be very pleased with the excellent pull that the exhibition has not only internationally but also among lift consultant and professionals from throughout the Turkish region. Every edition, they have made further new contacts and thanks to Asansör Istanbul to maintain relationships thay have initiated in the past. Wittur is preparing to meet their visitors on their stand No I-20 at Hall 14 at Asansör Istanbul 2017.

Names of the brands which will be displayed at the fair:

Wittur automatic lift doors, cars, slings and drives
Sematic automatic lift doors
LM Liftmaterial complete systems

Technical specs of the products which will be displayed at the fair:

Automatic Lift Doors

Wittur Hydra: Hydra is the Wittur multifunctional door designed for maximum application flexibility. The wide variety of executions can be used for any kind of application, from residential buildings up to office buildings and hotels.


Sematic 2000 C-MOD: Sematic 2000 C-MOD is a compact and flexible solution for lift door modernization. Featuring a wide range of options, 2000 C-MOD doors come with or without frame, giving flexibility to any installation’s needs. Car doors can be coupled with automatic or manual swing landing doors, for those situations that need car door upgrade only. Sematic 2000 C-MOD has a minimum 117mm bottom track package, making it a small and compact solution, without giving up the robustness and quality that are typical of their products.


MCS1: Wittur MCS1 is a new range of modular cars based on an innovative fixing systems for car panels. MCS1 fulfills all the requirements of the Lift Directive, as well as the EN 81-20/50:2014. Installation of side walls is performed from inside the car with a reduced number of screws and special fixing kits.



MCS1: Wittur S-Series: Wittur WSG-S0, S1, S2, S3 are a series of gearless synchronous traction machines, ideal for use without a machine room.


Safety Components

CSGB: CSGB is a unidirectional progressive safety gear; the braking force is generated through a combination of disc springs and braking elements always in pairs and activated by a movable tripping wedge. Its simple and compact design allows easy installation in different positions on car slings or counterweight frames. The braking force is adjustable by the disc spring assembly.


OL35: OL35 is a mechanically activated overspeed governor which detects overspeed by its flyweight
mechanism and engages the safety gear on the entire circumference of brake mechanism.
This brake mechanism is pre-adjusted and limits the brake-force to protect the synchronization of the safety gear from excessive stress to the linkage.