Asansör Istanbul

NZR-2020 will display its lift control cards and automotic door cards at the 15th Asansör İstanbul

NZR2020 which has been providing products for the elevator sector since 1978, is the manufacturer of elevator boarding cards since 2003, It continues to be part of national and internationalprestigious projects as a solution partner. The company began manufacturing elevator control boards since 2003. Control cards and saving manufacturing systems in 2008, and the automatic door card and escalator cards.

NZR-2020 highlights Asansör Istanbul’s importance to reach and improve theirtarget audience in both the local and international market. The company will showcase its own branded control cards, A3 control card, Ucm Unauthorized motion detection card, CrusingTime Card, Prc card during the 15th International Asansör Istanbul from 23-26 March.

Technical specs of the products which will be displayed at the fair:

NZR2020 A3 Control Card: 20 Stall serial communication Possibility of floor adjustment with well copying

NZR2020 UCM Card :Unauthorized motion detection card for double-speed elevators made after 2012

NZR2020 KRC Card :Contactor feedback detection board for old system control panels

NZR2020 CrusingTime Card:Motor movement limiter on old system panels

NZR ECO Card :All kinds of safety doors with 24 V DC motor drive