Asansör Istanbul

MEKİSAN will display its latest innovative products and systems at Asansor İstanbul 2017!

They are preparing for the year 2017 in effort to increase the competitiveness of Mekisan Elevator Company by developing new designs and marketing methods and adapting them to the system by using new ERP-based work and business methods that they started with the conviction that the innovation activities carried out in the sector are not only technological but also organizational and marketing innovation.

As MEKİSAN, they plan to continue their efforts to advance in a direction that is more customer-focused and strengthens the marketing infrastructure, in addition to the 41 year understanding of success that is always ahead of alignment in the direction of quality and new standards.

In this context, MEKİSAN will show the results of our R&D-laboratory test works for the development of doors, cars, car frames and system versions for different domestic and international markets at Asansor Istanbul 15th International Lift Exhibition which will be held on the dates of 23-26 March 2017.

They will continue their path as a stronger company in the new year with dynamic team dedicated to "respect to human life, the country values and the work they do" that has been put into practice as a permanent principle of MEKİSAN company established by Mehmet Ak (remember with mercy) as a 100% Turkish capital enterprise with great dedication.

For this purpose, MEKİSAN aim to accelerate the design of AR-GE projects that emphasize science in the new collaborations they have made with universities and to produce them as products that will create human resources and employment for the industry which is in deficiency in both engineering and technician fields and they can share them with their existing partners for the projects to domestic and international markets, to develop business associations that are in line with commercial morals and ethical values in parallel with the economic conditions of our country and to carry out trainings that will contribute to the values of in-service quality and safety outside the service.

During the fair, they will meet with the visitors in Hall 12 C-20 Mekisan Elevator stand to perform new projects together.