Asansör Istanbul

InovaAutomation will be at Asansör Istanbul 2017 with Monarch productions

Being an organization of the Inovance group that was founded in Hong Kong in 2012 for the purpose of supporting its customers and extending the reach of its products in the world market, InovaAutomation provides solutions for any kind of elevator application regardless of its features and size.

InovaAutomation will display Monarch’s products on elevator-escalator electronics to the visitors at Asansör Istanbul 2017 from 23-26 March.

Through sustained inovation, InovaAutomation delivers new technology products for the industrial automation,servo,elevator-escalator and new energy sectors.

InovaAutomation’s rapid growth in sales revenues and staff numbers led to its selection for the Forbes 2014 and 2015 best under a Billion list.

InovaAutomation aims to announce Monarch’s new construction and thus the new services they can offer to the customers in Turkey.

Names of the brands which will be displayed at the fair: Monarch (it is a business unit specializing in providing Elevator & Escalator control solutions.)

Technical specs of the products which will be displayed at the fair:

With around 530,000 new installations in 2015 China is the world’s largest market for new elevators. Monarch now has more than a third of the Chinese market for elevator control system.

Monarch’s wide range of product and solutions covers all of elevator applications

Monarch Innovative technology-pionerring ‘’IntegratedSolution’’ controllers and cotinuing to lead the field.

Monarch customized solutions-satisfying specific OEM functional and safety requirements.

Monarch World class manufacturing-delivering high quality and cost effective products.

Monarch dependable technical support- expertise and know-how organized to serve Customers.

The NICE series of Integrated solution is an innovative approach for OEMs who value fully featured performance at competitive cost,made possible by the ‘’all in one’’ controller and drive inverter concept.First introduced in 2006 by Monarch, NICE INtegrated solution techonology is well proven and its benefits have been recognized by leading elevator OEMs.