Asansör Istanbul

Hydraulic Lift Information Platform

Hydraulic Lift Information Platform (HABP) was established by Blain Hydraulics, Bucher Hydraulics, GMV, More Asansör and Kleemann Asansör. The platform was introduced to the sector on 5th October 2012 with a cocktail during the Lift Symposium in Izmir. The aim of the platform is principally to enlighten the sector on recent technical and market developments. HABP aims at component manufacturers, civil engineers, architects and end users, and their grey thoughts on hydraulic lifts to change by showing everyone that hydraulic lifts can also accomplish the expectations from Green lifts. During the cocktail, the first enlightenment by HABP was given with a short presentation on "Lift safety at seismic regions". Damaged lift slights from Van quake, the report from the Seattle quake and results of seismic lift tests by Athens' University showed that hydraulic lifts are 90 percent more robust and safer than traction lifts. This outcome was related with the fact that hydraulic lifts in general, do not possess counterweight, which is the cause of most damages in seismic regions. Another advantage of hydraulic lifts was shown to be the safe and easy rescue of entraped passengers after seismic events. The founders of HABP stated that "The platform does not have any commercial expectations and we would like to welcome other lift or component manufacturers if they want to take parts" To reach the platform send e-mail to habp2012@gmail.com