Asansör Istanbul

Being a Sector Leader at Lift Control Systems, Arkel will be at Asansör İstanbul 2017

Arkel manufactures the electronic devices the sector needs such as elevator control cards, control panels, emergency rescue systems and integrated control devices since its foundation in 1998.

Maintaining its position as the leader of its field with its products and solutions developed and presented by its R&D team, Arkel continues to increase its growth acceleration with its investments.

Being the practitioner of firsts in terms of technological developments, Arkel stands as an irreplaceable solution partner of the companies that it is the supplier of with its certficate of conformity and its products in conformity with the new lift regulations.

Arkel aims at increasing the quality of the service and production capacity by moving to the new production facility that has a closed area over 10.000 m2 in the first half of 2017 with its growing young and dynamic team.

Exporting to many countries over 40 from Europe, Middle East and various areas on a regular basis besides its leader position in the country, Arkel has consolidated its international brand awareness by raising its exportation by %20 compared to the last year.

Being a participant of Asansor Istanbul since 2003 for it is one of the most important platforms for reaching the customers in Europe and Middle East with the advantage of geopolitics besides the customers in Turkey, Arkel will be honored to host its visitors at 15th Asansor Istanbul that will take place at Tüyap between 23-26 March.