Asansör Istanbul

Asansor Istanbul 2015, one of the top 3 events in the world in its industry, has started!

Asansor Istanbul 14th International Lift Exhibition is opened by the ceremony attended by Prof.Dr. Davut Kavranoğlu, Turkish Deputy Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Sefa Targıt, President of AYSAD (Turkish Lift and Escalator Industrialists Association) and Philippe Lamalle, President of ELA (European Lift Association). At the 14th edition of this exhibition that is organized by İFO Fuarcılık, technology solutions for safer, faster and smarter lifts are on display. 28000 professionals from 73 countries is expected to visit this four day event where 440 exhibitors from 28 countries are exhibiting their latest products and technologies.

Deputy Minister Mr. Kavranoğlu: “There are 431 thousand lifts in our country. However, the number of maintenance companies is insufficient’’.

In his speech delivered at the opening ceremony of Asansor Istanbul 2015, Prof. Dr. Davut Kavranoğlu, Turkish Deputy Minister of Science, Industry and Technology said: The elevator industry has reached approximately 400 million USD turnover together with installation, certification services, components production and maintenance services. Mr. Kavranoğlu added: “According to the draft law in the parliament, the authorized officers of the relevant special provincial administration or municipality will be responsible for injuries and deaths that occur in elevator accidents pursuant to the provisions of Turkish Penal Law no 5237”. He also shared figures about the inspections made in January and February 2015. 34% of 939 lifts inspected were found unsuitable and a total of 252 thousand 132 TL administrative fine was applied.

Mr. Targıt, President of AYSAD said: “Elevator inspections should be maintained with determination in order to prevent possible accidents and deaths”

In his speech delivered at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Sefa Targıt, President of AYSAD (Lift and Escalator Industrialists Association) said: Turkish lift sector is going through a milestone. He gave the example of France as a country that went through similar processes recently. Mr. Targıt said: “Only 2 per thousand of the lifts inspected according to the lift safety regulation SNEL in France were closed down. A certain period of time was granted and a total of 8 billion Euro investment was made. The number of accidents was significantly reduced. Life of human beings cannot be measured from a financial perspective. The inspections of existing lifts should continue in our country with determination. We should remember that there is a chain of responsibility from building manager, mayor even to the relevant Ministry in case of possible accidents that might occur due to insufficient inspections’’. At the end of his speech, Mr. Targıt invited Erol Erbiber, Honorary Member of AYSAD, who completed 60 years of professional career in the business, to the stand to deliver a speech. Mr. Erbiber indicated that he is very happy to be participating in the 14th Asansor Istanbul Exhibition and very proud of the current progress of Turkish elevator sector and this exhibition.

President of ELA Philippe Lamalle, , “Asansor Istanbul 2015 will be by far the largest and most comprehensive lift technology event ever to be held in this region of the world.”

In his speech delivered at the ceremony, Philippe Lamalle, President of the European Lift Association (ELA) said: Asansor Istanbul 2015 hosts record number of component producers and specialized service companies. He identified Asansor Istanbul 2015, which is participated by producers and suppliers from Europe, Americas, Asia and Middle East and Turkey, as the largest and most comprehensive lift technology event organized in this region ever. Mr. Lamalle added that this exhibition has become one of the top three biggest events in the world within years for the elevator industry.

Mr. Aytemur, Managing Director of İFO Fuarcılık: “Asansor Istanbul 2015 will be visited by 28 thousand professional visitors from 5 separate continents this year”

Zekeriya Aytemur, Managing Director of İFO Fuarcılık said: At Asansor Istanbul 2015, which will be situated in an enclosed area of 50 thousand sqm with 25% space enlargement as compared to the last year’s event, 440 exhibitors from 28 countries set up stands. “We expect 28 thousand professionals from 78 countries to come to Istanbul for this exhibition. Asansor Istanbul Exhibition, which becomes the intercontinental meeting point for the global sector, acts as a gateway for trade particularly for the Balkans, Commonwealth of Independent States, Middle East and Northern Africa”.

For more information and online invitation to Asansor Istanbul 2015 where the latest technologies for elevators  will be exhibited and the agenda of the sector will be discussed simultaneously with the seminars and conferences, you can visit www.asansoristanbul.com.