Asansör Istanbul

A Global Leader in its Field, Asansör İstanbul Fair, Opened its Doors

European Lift Association ELA President Philippe Lamalle; “Turkish lift industry should be proud of itself. They have achieved a growth envied by Europe.” Gathering the international lift industry in Istanbul every two years and a global leader in its own field; Asansör İstanbul opened its doors for the 13th time. In the opening ceremony IFO Fuarcılık CEO Selahattin Durak stated that Asansör İstanbul continued its consistent growth and emphasized that the interest of the industry in the fair had been growing exponentially. Durak pointed out to the fact that this was also shown by the regular participation of the companies and added that this year they hosted 390 exhibiting companies from 27 countries on 28 thousand square-meter area. In his speech AYSAD President Sefa Targıt mentioned the safety inspections conducted more effectively than ever since 2012. Targıt said “In order to overcome lift accidents, France invested 8 billion Euro. Following this, the number of red labelled, i.e. noncompliant lifts decreased to two per thousand in the controls and audits conducted in compliance with SNEL (Periodical controls of lifts and the improvement of current lifts). Around 300 thousand operating lifts in our country must be inspected and 90 % of these should be modernized. The audits carried out by the authorized institutions showed that the number of red-labelled lifts is too high to be compared with France. There is something wrong with either the lifts or our inspection criteria. We have to solve this out as soon as possible”. European Lift Association ELA President Philippe Lamalle who also took the floor in the opening ceremony of Asansör İstanbul stated that Turkish lift industry that had shown a significant growth recently and become the industrial distribution and component manufacturing centre of its region including Europe should be proud of itself. Expressing that the construction industry had interruptions in Europe that had been going through an economic bottleneck; Lamalle added “We envy Turkey`s growth rate. Turkish economy will act as a driving sector in the recovery of Europe”. Lamalle emphasized that the safety standards of 5 million lifts in Europe should be raised. In Asansör İstanbul organized by IFO Fuarcilik with the support of AYSAD (Lift and Escalator Industrialists` Association) on 4th-7th April 2013 in 6 halls; this year 390 companies from 37 countries exhibit their products and services. The fair that gathers National and International lift industry together every two years in Istanbul can be visited until 7th April Sunday. Self-Protecting Lifts on the Show Case for the First Time… Designed as a parallel event of the International Asansör Istanbul Fair every two years; the design competition had the theme “Anti-Vandal Lifts” this year where the technological solutions competed against the intentional misuse that is a common phenomenon in the world and in our country in recent times. In the competition organized by ETMK and supported by IFO Fuarcılık and AYSAD (Lift and Escalator Industrialists Association) the winner projects were featured at the fair for the first time. 27 thousand local and international professionals expected to visit Asansör İstanbul 2013 It is expected that the rapid growth in Turkish construction industry along with the urban regeneration efforts especially in the recent times, the shrinkage in EU market, Turkey`s strategic location among Europe, Middle Asia, North Africa and Middle East and its commercial volume with the region states will result in a record-breaking visitor number for Asansör İstanbul 2013. The fair that has been indicating such signals since the opening is expected to attract 27 thousand local and international professional visitors for four days. Within the Fair, Conferences and Presentations Highly Relevant to Lift Industry Take Place… Within the scope of the conference programmes that have become traditional and render Asansör İstanbul an industry summit as well as commercial fair; significant experts and institutions in the lift industry make presentations. This year the conference programme starts on 5th April Friday. While Ebru Gemici from VDMA will present “Industrial Statistics in Lifts and Escalators”, AYSAD Communication Committee President Selçuk Dikmen will moderate the session in which Jean Luc Detavernier and Luc Rivet will discuss “SNEL Practices in Europe”. On 6th April 2013 Saturday “EN 81 + A3 Practices” and the current issue of the industry “Annual Lift Controls” will be discussed. Furthermore, the exhibiting companies will make free presentations throughout the fair. Within the scope of the presentation programme, Amir Reza Hashemi from DONYA-YE company will talk about Iranian Lift market, SIMEKS representative Mr. Geert Maurissen will explain EN81-28 and EN81-70 standards and the emergency telephone in compliance with these standards, Kutay Ferhat Çelik from BLAIN HYDARULICS will present the development of the hydraulic lift. Özcan Vural and Gökçen Çalık from AS Hizmet Company will deliver a presentation about “ Lift Automation” while Tahir Bilgin from TELEMEKANİK Asansör will talk about “Rail Connection Systems”. Visit www.asansoristanbul.com to visit Asansör İstanbul Fair that will take place until 7th April Sunday evening.